Designed for High Intensity, ELYTRON™ is a multi-use, all-terrain deployable container, capable of meeting all your needs.
With our new concept: Increase your tactical mobility and limit your logistic footprint.

The latest state-of-the-art solution from UTILIS mobile units with an implementation time unequalled on the market (15 minutes).
Thanks to its deployment system (patented) composed of a deployable floor and sliding metal-textile side wings, ELYTRON™ offers you a flat surface (>50m²) that can accommodate numerous equipment.
Once closed, it retains a unique storage capacity of 12m3!
Transportable on many vectors, it can be deployed on the ground as well as on its carrier.
Multi-purpose, this real toolbox will allow you to quickly deploy a living area, logistics and transmission equipment, a command PC (Division to Company), health modules (surgery, hospital), but also systems for decontamination or a theater analysis laboratory for CBRN defense.
ELYTRON's™ agility will allow you to better mesh the battlefield.

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