Our ColPro systems incorporate special filters to clean contaminated air, twinned with an internal facility overpressure to prevent the infiltration of external contaminated air.

ColPro technologies incorporate special filters

This provides inherently safe operating environments, allowing mission-critical activities to continue even within high risk zones.

To achieve collective protection, UTILIS tents must be pressurised with a filtration unit to maintain positive pressure and cope with chemical and biological agents. The installation of these filtration units is fast and can be achieved upstream. Tents for collective protection can also connect to command posts, accommodation or decontamination units to provide common protection to a citadel of grouped capabilities.

This shelter has a continuous duration of resistance to external CBRN attacks of 72 hours before filter change is necessary.

Our UTILIS Colpro protected systems are often linked to a front-end personnel decontamination system.

People can wear their CBRN clothing

Operators can wear their CBRN PPE clothing to exit the facility and then re-enter after task completion by passing through the decontamination line, allowing cycling of personnel through the system to achieve specific mission objectives. A typical wet decontamination system consists of a control zone, undressing zone, decontamination shower, dressing area and a time-activated airlock regulating entry within the protected clean area of the facility.

Collective protection systems allow occupants to breathe non-toxic air and prevent contaminated particles, liquids or fumes from residing within the protected area of the facility.

COLPRO Technologies

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