UTILIS provides specific training on all its systems.

Users can therefore be faster in the use of the equipment and acquire the proven methods for streamlined equipment use.

We also provide detailed first level maintenance training, including all applicable safe method-of-work guidance related to the use of each piece of equipment.

The training is typically composed of an initial theory lesson immediately followed by hands-on practical exercises allowing your teams to ultimately carry out all operations competently, autonomously and safely through assured knowledge acquisition techniques.

End-of-training testing is conducted to ensure the full understanding of participants. An aide-memoire or checklist is also often distributed to training participants to assist in the initial post-training equipment deployments. At the end of the training, successful participants will receive a certificate of training completion.

The training we provide allows your teams to train themselves internally. Each person we have trained then becomes a competent trainer for the rest of your staff.

UTILIS provides a training on all its systems
UTILIS provides a training on all its systems
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