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UTILIS invented and is synonymous with the exterior framed tactical shelter type now popular with many militaries and those requiring fast response  capabilities. This design is the benchmark of rapid deploy against which other systems are measured, achieved whilst maintaining resistance to snow and  wind loads in accordance with current standards.

Thanks to their inherent modularity and common interfaces, shelters are connectable end-to-end, side-to-side or end-to-side allowing limitless complexing potential. Connection are formed from waterproof connection kits which maintain the mechanical and performance properties of the shelter. In addition, shelters can be configured to allow limitless interconnection by use of removable gable ends, allowing direct, full-width interconnecting between shelters.

Quick Assembly

All of our systems have been developed so that a person without training can be able to perform the setup of the system in a safe and simple manner.

Our shelters require very little operational support even when deployed in extreme environments. The manpower requirements for setup of our core tactical range are as follows:

  • 2 people for a 18 m² shelter
  • 3 people for a 36 m² shelter
  • 4 people for a 54 m² shelter
Shelters - Quick Assembly
Shelters - Reliability & Security

Reliability & Security

To ensure the reliability and optimum safety of our products, we subject these to a multitude of independent tests:

  • U.S. Natick tests – considered one of the strictest
  • CSTB Nantes wind resistance test
  • Snow resistance test
  • CSTB Nantes shelter thermal coefficient test: U : 1W/M2/°
  • Timed setup and dismantling test with and without lighting
  • Low Light Visual detection test
  • Impermeability test
  • Operational Resistance test (Cycled setup and teardown)

Continuous Innovation

The drive for quality and innovation in our shelter designs allowed us to the be the first in industry to achieve the following:

  • A sub-5 minute setup time for a rigid-structured, military grade shelter system.
  • The development of improved shelter insulation levels.
  • A sophisticated 3-layer shelter with a thermal coefficient of U = 1.1W /m² /°C, using composite insulator textiles and an external thermal fly.
  • A fully autonomous, air conditioned demonstration shelter using renewable energies.
  • Air conditioning that consumes 50% less energy than its competitors.
  • A hybrid soft/ hard walled shelter product (TARDIS) which offers the advantages of both categories.

We offer a wide range of shelter systems: TM, TMS, TMLC/TMSLC, SM, TL/TXL, TMV, TMX, etc.). We invite you to contact us to discover these products in full.

Shelters - Forerunner
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