Tailor-made solutions!


These robust hangars can be rapidly deployed in extreme conditions. They are set apart from their competitors by a patented innovation that enables a quick assembly from the ground up without machinery or cranes. The hangars withstand the extreme climates measured in crisis areas and can be used for protection of personnel and sensitive or high-value assets. This product has been designed in co-operation with the Defence Forces.


Aluminium profile structures

Our hangars are made of aluminium profile structures. The building envelope can be made of PVC textile or traditional hard-wall cladding.

We use ‘KEDER’ technology to make a sealed connection between the aluminium profile and the textile sections. It allows simple installation of the textile covers and straightforward hangar recovery and movement once a deployment is complete.

Our hangar structures have widths ranging from 1 to 50 meters. The structures can be equipped with any of the following accessories: heating, thermal insulation, solar panels, air conditioning, humidity control, vehicle doorways and full end opening (clamshell) to accommodate aircraft, drones and other large equipment.

These structures have an exceptionally long lifespan and can be transported to the point of need in 20 or 40 feet ISO containers, depending on model.

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