Supply of field hospitals and emergency modules.

With over twenty years of sector experience, UTILIS has become a recognised expert for the supply of field hospitals and medical facilities for civilian and military requirements worldwide.

Our experience allows us to offer a complete range of emergency modules, from surge wardspace and minor clinics to full-capability medically-equipped hospital systems and with requisite logistics, all custom designed and adapted to specific user need.

Mobile and durable, our modules easily adapt to all mission environments.

Re-deployable and durable, our modules easily adapt to even the most challenging of operating environments.

We remain at your disposal to facilitate your infrastructure needs and also to specify and equip your system with proven medical equipment and installations to provide a fully integrated deployable medical capability.

To enhance your system, our product range can be equipped with specific capability modules, including kitchen and dining facilities, water treatment, power generation and distribution, personnel accommodation, storage, maintenance facilities and waste treatment etc.

Support and Expertise wherever you need it

Our teams can accompany you during the installation on site, and also provide initial and top-up training worldwide to your system operatives.

Hospitals - Support and transmission of knowledge

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