Acquisition of a ROLE 2 Field Hospital by the Belgian Ministry of Defence

Jan 16

Following the publishing of a public tender by the belgian Ministry of Defense, UTILIS-G3S consortium won the tender to supply a mobile and modular field hospital.

Le consortium UTILIS-G3S remporte l’appel d’offre du Ministère de la Défense belge

This structure will allow Belgium to respect its engagement to NATO members and to remain a reliable partner towards its allies.

The ROLE 2 field hospital is a key element when taking care of victims in case of conflict. Its missions are to identify, sort, stabilize and, if necessary, to operate on victims before taking them to the hospital. The UTILIS-G3S solution meets the military requirements and imperatives given by the Ministry of Defense. The success of this alliance has been proven in the past thanks to their respective specialization in realizing tactical shelters in metallo-textile structure and the integration and maintenance of advanced medical equipment.

TMS shelters have successfully passed multiple tests carried out under extreme weather conditions. The TMS 54 shelter can be deployed in less than 5 minutes by 4 people without the use of any tools nor machinery. Seduced by this reliable and fast solution, the Belgian Ministry of Defense will be able to provide medical support to operations carried out by NATO and the EU.

With a budget of 12 million Euros, the Ministry of Defense has the possibility to upgrade the ROLE 2 field hospital (MTF) to a ROLE 2  E (Enhanced) field hospital. The first option is considered as BASIC in the sense that the solution includes at least 4 modules: Emergency zone, initial surgical intervention capacity, specified diagnostic capacities, patient waiting area, OP post (high/medium dependency), C4I (including telemedicine support) and medical supplies. Additionnal modules (dental care, mental health, isolation module for infectious diseases, etc.) can be attached to achieve an enhanced configuration. In this case, the field hospital offers the possibility of operating 16 patients by 2 surgical teams every 24 hours.

UTILIS provides operational, technical and logistical support during the useful life of equipment. Teams from the belgian Ministry of Defense will be train for the use of the equipment and shelters.

Initial operational capacity (COI)  of the field hospital is planned for 2022 and the full operational capacity (FOC) is planned for 2026. During the following months and until the field hospital deployment, UTILIS wishes to communicate about the project progress and . A timeline will be regularly updated on our website and information will be shared through our social media.

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