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Utilis can supply complete medical facility solutions from single clinics to full Role 1, 2 and 3 medical units. Utilis benefits from an extensive medical experience base, including personnel involved in design of the camp Bastion field hospital, Afghanistan.

Utilis is able to provide a wide range of options from basic shelter infrastructure only to complete “turn-key” solutions including power, water and waste networks, field medical gas supply and all medical equipment and consumables.

Utilis has specified and supplied several medical facilities and specialist capability field medical facilities, with the TM/ TMS shelter ranges being well positioned for such facilities due to rapid setup time and ability to easily maintain a sealed, sterile internal working environment.

Utilis also has the ability to provide recovery wards for existing hospitals to provide short notice surge capability in times of urgent need. An 8 to 16 bed ward can be built complete in only 40 minutes without affecting the existing facility operating capacity.


UTILIS has a history of complete equipment solutions for eld hospitals, forward medical posts and other medical facilities, both in the civilian and military markets across the globe.

Our expertise allows us to offer a complete range of emergency or hospital structures specially designed and adapted to the customers need.

Our treating modules are supplied both for mobile or long term eld operations and can be tailored to meet any mission criteria, while sustained medical sup- port can be accomplished by food, hygiene, water treatment, power distribution, lodging or administration modules so vital for smooth operations.

UTILIS skilled teams share their expertise through organization of training sessions and assist you in the installation process wherever needed to ful ll the requirement.

UTILIS solutions benefit from reliable, robust and easy to deploy structures that can be used as forward and emergency medical posts or even command centers. All of the UTILIS shelter systems have the capability to complex to each other which provides limitless con gurations tailored to your requirements.

With reduced footprint and ease of deploy our systems can be operational in a matter of minutes and are ideal for any emergency intervention as close to the accident as possible.