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Utilis have considerable expertise in the design and supply of comprehensive decontamination processing systems for both ambulant and stretcher-borne subjects. This expertise enables the specification of tightly controlled, comprehensive decontamination procedures with maximum personnel flow-through rates and secure contaminant recovery and storage.

Mobile decontamination units are intended for decontamination of walking/non-walking casualties, in situations of chemical, biological, nuclear or industrial accident, terrorist attack or war. The role of these decontamination units is to treat people close to disaster zones or at the entry to care zones.

The aim is to prevent contamination spread through rapid intervention and to allow sanitising so that all onward processing and treatment can be carried out in standard infrastructure without the need for high volume isolation or containment facilities.

Utilis can supply single or multiple lane decontamination streams within a single shelter to permit segregation between male/ female/ walking/ stretcher-borne users etc. All of our systems provide segregated areas for each processing stage, rinse, undress, wash, re-robe and exit etc and control functions to prevent compromise of the decontamination process.

Contaminated casualty carrying bag

As a decontamination expert, UTILIS designed a patient containment solutions that can be used in positive or negative pressure.

This bag is compatible with all types of stretchers and is air transportable and scanner adapted.