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In addition to the core shelter infrastructure, Utilis S.A.S. has the capability and expertise to correctly specify and supply all necessary supporting infrastructure and sub-systems, required for capability delivery.

Utilis has considerable experience in the supply of utility systems such as :

  • power generators
  • power distribution
  • portable lighting and fire
  • smoke detection
  • plus combined heating and cooling systems
  • portable air heaters
  • air pressurisation units
  • NBC filtration units
  • water pumps
  • water heaters
  • water supply hoses
  • water recovery pumps
  • and bulk water storage systems


This assures that systems are mutually compatible and system operating procedures and maintenance regimes are all-encompassing for the whole equipment package.



In addition Utilis offer a range of protective, packaging and handling systems for optimum system protection during operation, storage and transport.

All packaging is designed and sized to be compatible with Euro pallets dimensions (W 800 x L 1200 mm) wherever possible, given the likelihood that it will be either vehicle transported or stored inside an ISO container.

In all cases, Utilis packaging methodology is designed to minimise the packaged volume and to permit stacking of items where safe to do so. All items, packaging and package contents alike are designed with user safety in mind and therefore are provided with full safety and weight labelling and sufficient lifting handles respective to the item weight. Electrical apparatus and other sensitive items are afforded additional shock protection.


  • Loading diagrams and schematics can be provided to allow users to easily repack following deployment with greater efficiency.
  • All loading schemes are developed using best current practices, ensuring that centre of gravity, restraint strapping, weight limitations
  • etc, are fully considered.


Utilis are highly adept at defining efficient packaging schemes for field deployable equipment to meet the objectives of the customer, e.g. to reduce the logistic footprint to minimum possible, to remove the need for Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE) or to allow the quickest unloading procedure.

Other capability- critical constraints can also be met, such as designing and testing container schemes to ensure DROPS compatibility or loading compatibility with certain transport types.